Prigioniero di un segreto

  • GenreDramatic
  • Production Year2009
  • Duration90 minutes
  • Produced ByFrancesco Gagliardi
  • DirectionCarlo Fusco
  • SubjectGabriele Reale, Carlo Fusco, Andrea Iervolino
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In a car cemetery, a place long-forgotten by society and time, a wise bum and a little philosopher tell the story of Stefano…

Difficult little boy, troubled by childhood traumas, Stefano brings out his discomforts by bullying others. The Headmaster’s ruling pushes him out of school for good, lurching head on into a future tainted by crime and violence.

Growing up, he will become the head of a gang formed by him, his only friend Marco (who will soon discover there’s no way back from drugs) and Ciro (an unbalanced, trigger-happy thug).

The romance with Mary happens alongside his criminal life and represents the sweet and dreamy part of Stefano’s character. Together with the other gang members, he commits robberies, kidnappings and murders, so much to attract the attention of a mafia boss, Don Alfredo.

At this point, of course, the only way forward is to join the “family”, continuing on the way of wickedness. Marco dies of an overdose, whilst Stefano is trapped with his debts of honour towards Don Alfredo. Confronted by Mary, now tired of leading that kind of life, Stefano finally commits to do something to leave it behind. But the umpteenth heist turns into a massacre, pushing Ciro to his death and landing Stefano in prison. Jilting Stefano for her own good albeit reluctantly, Mary starts a new life and begins to work in a radio station where she meets Giorgio, the station’s director and her future companion. During his time behind bars, the distant image of Mary will be Stefano’s dearest memory but also a source of yearning and guilt.
In prison, Stephen begins to write a diary, which jealously guards and re-reads often, so as to intrigue Don Vito, the prison warden. Don Vito, convinced that the diary contains confidential information on the leaders of the mafia, concocts a plan to go through Sagrestano, Stefano’s shy cellmate, to get a hold of the coveted diary. To defend his friend’s privacy, Sagrestano disobeys the warden’s orders and is brutally killed as a result.

The harsh hierarchies and unjustifiable abuses within the prison, as well as the murder of his cellmate, will force the protagonist into a long reflection on himself and his own faults.

Once his debt with justice has been paid, Stefano will have to deal with a past that is very much alive outside the prison…