Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille

  • GenreComedy
  • Production Year2018
  • Duration101 minutes
  • Produced ByStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi, Giuseppe Picone
  • DirectionStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi
  • SubjectFrancesco Scotto
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How do we leave the recession behind? If you are a ruler, by overburdening the taxpayer; if you are the taxpayer, by killing someone richer than you to come into real money. Is it too cruel? If you think so, go and explain that to the group that we are about to introduce. In the background, we have a multi-ethnic Italy, where politicians, priests, lawyers, traffic policemen, carabinieri and prison wardens are more likely Chinese than Italian. So, this is the country where our history takes place, populated by shrewd individuals who will do anything for money, with tragicomic results, because exaggerated drama becomes a farce and the scene of a three-fold quest: for power, for money, and also for love; because if politics goes hand in hand with money, and money makes the world go round, love was born long before money.
Elena Guarracino, heir to a multinational company of condoms, SHOULD marry Achilles Fellon (in nomen omen!), president of the new-born “Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille “. The SHOULD is capitalised because they are at the umpteenth attempt, with her fainting every time the witness of the groom arrives, namely the third man of this love triangle, and the one that Elena really loves: Massimo Scribbler, another name that hints at its sad fate, a failed writer that could not even manage to publish his own obituary.
While the naive Massimo is intelligent but hardly astute, Achilles was born crafty; in fact, like many politicians, he firmly believed that lying was the only truth of politics! And that is why he began to lie to everyone, even writing it in the logo of his party: Mò Vi Mento, kudos to his consistency; Lira di Achilles, without apostrophe, to drop the Euro and bring the Lira back to Italy. The trio soon became a quartet with the unpromising killer Carlo Horntooter, a clumsy bloke who cannot even kill time! But that’s not enough, because the mother of all idiots is always on-line (once called herself “pregnant”, but idiocy also adapts to the Internet era), and the aforementioned are thus joined by Giuliana, “stepmother” of Elena, Carlo’s partner, always in need of money for facelifts, and her daughter Lucia, blind as a mole, lover of the engaged spouse Achilles.
In short, the ignorant Elena is the victim of a family plot in which everyone wants her dead except for Massimo, who dies of love for her whilst being shamelessly hit on by Cinzia, owner of the studio where he lives, a young, beautiful but utterly unlettered woman: she believes that Shakespeare’s Richard III is a sequel! And if that was not enough, here’s the Squinty, a killer with a glass eye, that meets the spineless Carlo thanks to the shady counsellor Mr Asskicka, who will see a f*** end; and again, the Gopherit family, in its tricolour attire: Italy, Viviana and the Mayor Michele, a bizarre politician, who mistakenly believes to be the target of the attack intended for Elena; the Chameleon, a mysterious killer, this one real and dangerous, engaged by the all-powerful, secretive members of the lobby to neutralise Achilles, because they fear his anti-Euro battle and, therefore, the return of the Lira to Italy, would cause the collapse of countries speculating with the Euro. And then many more Chinese people who know Vesuvius better than Elena’s secretary, Asia, who considers shopping centres way more interesting.
And it is precisely this fierce Asian delegation, coming from China in boiling rage, that our unaware victim, Elena will have to deal with, since the only failed mini-condom that came out of her company ended up in Shanghai, and led to the undesired pregnancy of the Mayor’s secretary and a juicy lawsuit against Elena’s company.
All these characters and their messy, overlapping plots, unconfessed loves, secret meanness and obvious imbecility, converge in the final fireworks, during the umpteenth marriage between Elena and Achilles, in a whirlwind of misunderstandings where only Chaos, will ultimately succeed in restoring order, giving each one what he or she deserves because, as Massimo says: “Love is blind and lovers fail to see the stupid things they do”. And since this is a Shakespeare’s line, it’s worth your trust.