About us

Although just starting out, HUM has already established relationships with production and distribution companies all over the world and will attend the most important film festivals and markets. HUM understands the importance of past experiences and thus capitalises on the learnings of those who, before entering the market, identified proper channels to reach the audience in capillary fashion, whilst leaning on its adaptability to capture ever-new and unconventional ideas that will boost the film distribution process.


We named our company HUM because it represents a microcosm of concepts that reflects the members of this nascent company. HUM is a simple and catchy word that stirs curiosity whilst being funny and impactful. HUM is our company, dynamic, active, innovative and revolutionary, ready to master the global market as a solution to an ever-changing world, and it is also our innovative program of distribution of audio-visual content on national and international territories. Hum is also the name of the tiniest city in the world, which has managed to exploit its apparent weakness to achieve a world-class result: win the Guinness Book of Records. Located on the Istrian peninsula, only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide, with the fewest inhabitants in the world, the city of Hum has also inspired our company name, because like Hum, we also seek domination, fighting the big market players and beating them thanks to our distinguishing traits, turning even our weaknesses into strengths. HUM, derived from the Latin, is the current English term to indicate “buzz, whisper, murmur”. But it is our distribution that this continuous murmuring should be about, nudging people to talk about it, crossing national boundaries, extending to different markets like a tenuous whisper that transforms itself, day after day, into a continuous sound, in progressive expansion. HUM also stands for Heart Upon Movie, which we interpret literally and thus offer our heart to the film industry; we go out of the way every day to manage our cinematographic and distribution choices in the best possible way, and all team members devote their lives to the world of cinema. HUM are the first letters of the word humanity, a value we hold dear and which underlies our professionalism and future goals. Human is the spirit whereby we will best meet the challenges of tomorrow through our humanity. HUM, moreover, is the abbreviation of humour, predisposition of the soul that sets our team apart, which knows how to jump over hurdles always with a smile on their lips, adding to this great commitment the freshness and dynamism of a distribution made mostly by young people, undoubtedly one of our strengths. HUM is the name of our chameleon, which, like us, can adapt to everything by observing the surrounding environment at 360°, and changing according to the situation. Finally, HUM, like us, despite being small, for its tenacity, strength and endurance has been defined since ancient times as the small lion standing on the earth.